Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Be a part of the 100%

About a year ago, I was introduced to an amazing product. This product gave me energy, focus, and almost had me convinced that I might be Spider-man....

The only problem was, I could barely afford it. It's hard to put a price on health and vitality.  I loved the way I felt and I was determined to get it.  I joined the company to start selling the product. Problem was, none of my friends and fellow tired mommies could afford it either.

I started to feel guilty for asking people to invest in their health with a product they would practically have to take out a second mortgage to be able to afford. 
Literally, at one point, I was selling my body (donating plasma) to be able to afford my own product.

As I watched the people at the top of this company brag about their new $90k cars, ridiculous paychecks, extravagant vacations, etc. I knew there was a HUGE problem. This product was only meant to be able to be enjoyed by 3% of the population.

I had to gut check; yes the product makes me feel awesome, but promoting it and asking my friends to try it was making me feel queasy. I felt shady while encouraging people to join a business so that they can be able to make more money to afford the product.... 

This, my friends, is what it feels like when you aren't promoting something with integrity.

You can't do wrong and feel right.

Thus, I began my quest. Could I find a product to help with my mommy exhaustion, brain fog, healthy weight goals AND be affordable by me and my friends? 

I sampled a few products on the market, and I just wasn't finding what I was looking for.

Thankfully my friend, John Zenes, reached out to me and guess what he told me?

"I've finally found a product that can bless the masses. Not only is it a great business opportunity, but it's affordable to customers as well."

"Send me some samples," I said. 

And he did.

Taste: Terrific
Brain Fog: Lifted
Nap Needed: Not Today
Jitters: None

I loved my results from day one.

Now, I am an entrepreneur by nature. My "WHY" is clear and I will check out any opportunity with an open mind.  Anything that helps me meet my goals, better my life, and can genuinely HELP those around me, is something I will not feel one bit of regret about joining and promoting. 

So, I've decided to sit in this blue chair. 
It feels nice, looks nice, & the beverages are refreshing.
There's a chair for you, too. You are most welcome to join me.
Never have I felt more hopeful about the future than I do right now.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

The "YOU" Economy is gaining momentum....

68 Macy's stores closing. 😳
ALL Limited stores closing. 😳
108 Kmart stores closing.😳
42 Sears stores closing.😳
Things to think about...
☕️The largest transportation provider in 🚗
the U.S. doesn't own a single car (Uber) 

The new largest hotel company in the world doesn't own a single hotel (Airbnb) 🏨
☕️Amazon just passed Wal-Mart as the nation's biggest retailer (and, much more valuable) & they don't own a single store 💳😶
Like it or not, we are fast becoming an E-Commerce society...
I am so thankful that I am already a part of it! Not only do I get to work from home and provide amazing products right to customer's doorsteps, but I don't have to keep inventory or rent a shop. I can't even believe it, but I actually OWN my own online grocery store with an awesome rebate and coupon program.

My Ultimate Goal: To help you spend more time around the table eating delicious healthy meals, and less time washing, chopping, cooking and cleaning.  #20minutemeals #food4superheroes #family
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Telling Your Story Part 3: Examples

You will probably have a few stories that you share, here are three stories that I can and will be sharing with my prospects in the future.

This is a story I might share with a fellow network marketer to help them have a better networking experience.

When I first got involved with network marketing, I had built a pretty strong local network. My business started to grow really fast and I became somewhat of a local celebrity. Then I went crazy and started doing everything the wrong way! I spammed people, bothered my friends and family, and blasted my social media with my product. I forgot to keep a healthy network going, and eventually, my business just stopped. I went from enrolling 10-15 new people a month to zero. I went from teaching home presentations 2-3 times a week, to nothing. I literally had exhausted my network of people and pushed them away. In the process, I had also exhausted myself and I began to give up.

I took a few years off from network marketing. I still love the product and use it every day. But I stopped building with that company. I spent some time taking care of myself, my family, and learning and growing in the industry. But, I also started collecting people. I collected facebook friends, but never actually connected with them I was just hoping that I could use them someday to further my business. One day I was on an "add me as a friend" ladder (terrible things by the way!) and I chanced to meet a woman who reached out to me and invited me into her network. I assumed it was just another group to post my spam. But as I looked around, I saw real genuine friendships happening and I was intrigued to know more. 

My eyes were opened and once again I had been going about this whole thing the wrong way! I put some solid effort into getting to know the people in this networking group. I started playing the games, interacting, sharing, and building friendships. When I launched my new business the difference was night and day. I had my network to back me up AND I had the knowledge of the proper way to market and share my business.  

Here is a story I might share with potential customers, hosts, and consultants for my home based business.

Before I began my business as a Thrive Life Consultant, my family was struggling to make ends meet. We had purchased a large house in a nice neighborhood and then suffered a job loss that left us extremely house poor. We put our house on the market, but it took over 2 years to sell. We worked really hard to keep the roof over our heads, but many months we couldn't afford groceries and had to ask our church to help provide food for our family, it was very frustrating to know we were failing to provide for our small family. 

When I found Thrive Life I knew I had to make it a priority to get these foods into my home. This is everyday food that is also great food storage and for emergency preparedness. I enrolled as a consultant to get the best deal on a huge variety of foods to start using the foods to feed my family. I was my first and best customer. I then used the phenomenal host program to stock my pantry with free and half price foods so that we no longer had to rely on our church to help feed our family.   

What I learned from my journey is that by using Thrive Life foods I was able to reduce my grocery budget and share Thrive Life to get a ton of free and half price foods into my pantry that was going to last for a long time. By building a "home store" I was able to plan ahead and be prepared for those months when we were struggling to make ends meet. 

I hope these examples have helped you understand the power that YOUR 5 POINT COMPELLING STORY can have. Please share your story in the comments below! Thanks for reading. <3

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Telling Your Story: Part 2

Now, are you ready to start creating your compelling story?? (Make sure you read the introduction in Part 1)
Here are some more tips to help you on your way.

Point 1 of your story is to share where you were before you began your journey that you are sharing. This is the part where you share your pain, frustrations, what was holding you back and what propelled your desire to seek answers. Use lots of descriptive and emotional words in this part of your story.

Think about where you were:

  • What was your life like at that time? 
  • How did you feel about yourself? 
  • Describe your pain and frustrations. 
  • What didn't you know? 
  • How was your health? 
  • What were your relationships like? 

Point 2 of your story is to share where you are now  that you have found your purpose, goals, and life mission. Share your successes! Even if you are still on your journey, you are qualified to have a "success story". Look for it! I know its there! If you are stuck, ask your network, family and friends to help point things out.

Most people really have a hard time with this step.
Success is a journey not a destination, but you have made progress-- Share the Progress! 

Think about where you are now:

  • What is your life like today?
  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • Describe your joys and triumphs!
  • How have relationships improved? 
  • What is it like to have found the right path?
Now Thing of some things you have learned along the way.  When you share your story you will share 2-3 points, but you want to have a more like 7 or 8 so you can tailor your story to your audience.  For example: when I'm sharing my product for sale, I will  talk about how the product has helped me and my family in our everyday life. If I am sharing my business to a future team member I will share what I have learned about the business. If I am sharing leadership and building my brand, I will talk about what I have learned about marketing correctly. 

I hope this helps you build your own powerful story to share with your prospects and lead them through the sales process of working with you! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Telling Your Story: Part 1

Everyone has a story! Do you know how to share yours?

Here is a template for 5 steps to tell your story. This is something you would share when talking with clients, public speaking, or selling products.

This is where you can share your "WHY".

Where were you before? What success have you had? Why should people be interested in you?

You are an AMAZING person, and you have a story to tell! It will be compelling to the right people.

This won't be your whole life story,  but rather, this template will help you narrow down to 5 distinct points that are an integral part of who you are as a leader and business owner. This is an important part of the sales conversion process, from meeting a prospect to taking them down the path towards choosing to work with you (buy from you or join your team).


The 5 parts of your story are

  1. Where You Were
  2.  Where You Are Today
  3.  What You Have Learned Along The Way (3 or more points)
    • Point 1 
    • Point 2
    • Point 3

It's that easy!

Important things to remember in your story are to make a connection and build credibility.

Connection is made by sharing from your pain point that speaks to the human condition. Make yourself a bit vulnerable. (My friend Christina shared a very vulnerable part of her life in her blog post, you can read this HERE)  You might have a few different angles on this point of your story depending on your audience. It is possible to share a completely different story and still be honest. Just tell the parts that will speak to your listeners.

Credibility is built when you share the successes you have experienced and positions you as an expert in your field and ensure your listeners that you have solutions to benefit them.

Ready to start on this journey? Great! Let's move on to Part 2!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Your Results Index: Defining what makes you unique

So how do we as work from home professionals advertise in a way that is honest and appealing to others? What do our customers want to know? What sets us apart in the business world?

People are not as concerned with your history, your background, or your qualifications if you can show the results that your clients have gained. You have to be believable and genuine. Ultimately, Your ideal customer wants to know what's in it for them.

It's time to:
Get very clear on what you have to offer;
Market the heck out of it, and
Deliver on that promise.

Building a results index

There are 5 main areas where your clients can experience results, by doing this exercise you will more clearly understand YOU and the priceless VALUE you have to offer as a professional.
First, you will need to gather the data. Think of 3-5 people you have worked with and go through these exercises for each one.

  1. What was the Primary Physical Result that the person got from working with you?
  • Did they lose weight?
  • Did they make more money?
  • Did they repair their marriage or another relationship?
  • Did they stop needing to visit the doctor? (Be cautious when it comes to medical claims)

2. The Primary Physical Result is usually something that can be quantified or measured.
  • "They lost 10 pounds."
  • "They tripled their income."
  • "They saved $1000 for retirement."
  • "They got off their medication."

3. Now list all The Secondary Benefits. These are in the categories of spiritual, emotional, energetic, mental and relational. For example, "They got their confidence back." "They found their voice." "They fell in love again." Feel free to fill a whole page!

4. Now think about what they would have missed out on. This is called the Opportunity Cost. Where would they still if they hadn't worked with you?

5. Look back on what you have written and underline key phrases now transfer the information to your Results Index. You'll want to be very familiar with your results so that depending on to whom you are speaking, you can know something that could help that particular client.

Your results Index is an invaluable source when it comes to creating ads and promoting your valuable services.

My Results Index
Physical Results (body, money, relationships, stress levels)

Emotional Results

Mental Results

Relational Results

Spiritual Results

Energetic Results

Monday, January 2, 2017

Guest Post: The Definition of Networking

Bob Swetz hit the nail on the head! If you are struggling with your network marketing business take a look at this blog post. Bob clearly defines a network and what you should actually be doing instead of what you are being told to do. defines Network Marketing like this…

network marketing; noun
“A marketing strategy in which sales representatives of a  
company recruit other salespeople and earn commissions on their own sales and on the sales made by their team.”

Unfortunately, many people confuse building a network with network marketing. Although these 2 things are similar and often times related, they are not the same. The sooner you realize this, they better off you (and your business) will be. defines a Network (in this context) like this…

network; noun
“An association of individuals having a common interest formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information, or the  like: a network of recent college graduates.”

Until recently, I defined my network in the context of the definition of “network marketing.” Using this definition, my network was made up of my upline and downline in the particular program I was building. If someone I met did not fit into one of those 2 categories, it didn’t seem necessary or worthwhile to build a relationship with them. At a minimum, it seemed that someone should at least be a potential downline member or customer.
Over the last few months, I have come to understand that a “network” in the broader sense is much more than just a group of potential buyers for my products.

Let’s take a closer look at the definition of “network” to see if the relationships you are building measure up…
  1. An association of individuals having a common interest. With this in mind, you can expand your network from upline and downline members to anyone building an online income, all entrepreneurs, Christian business people, etc. Really, anyone with whom you have a common interest.
  2. Formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information or the like. This is a good one. Now, you can expand your network to include anyone willing and able to provide assistance to help you meet your objectives, or even just share knowledge. Of course, it goes without saying that you will do the same for your network members.

I love looking at networking in this way. From this perspective building a network on a social platform such as Facebook becomes more fruitful and more fun.

I am part of a networking group on Facebook called the Networking Collective. When the group was formed, we all agreed not to “sell” one another. So, right from the start, this was a new concept for me, but I figured it would be a good way for me to expand my horizons. First of all, building relationships, without trying to sell people, is actually quite liberating. By removing the sales pressure from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspectives we were free to do something unique, actually, try to help one another.

To make a long story short, I have been with this group for about 2 months now and I can say without a doubt it has benefited me immensely. I have made new friends, built new relationships, and nearly doubled the overall size of my network. I have also learned so much from my fellow group members and, they are there to support me when I need to be picked up and to celebrate with me when I succeed.  We are all so pleased with our group that we decided to continue into the new year, even though the “trial period” of 30 days has long passed.

The next time you meet someone on social media, try to see them as a valuable part of your “network” and not just someone else to be sold. You will be amazed at the progress you make both personally and in your business.

To Your Success,
Bob Swetz